Sunday, May 25, 2008

Owing My Business To buzztone

This whole "writing thing" has been a bit of a circuitous path. I started writing sci-fi fantasy in sixth grade, realized by high school that writing sci-fi fantasy was never going to get me a prom date, and pursued other (probably equally unsexy) theatre. I gave the acting thing a good little run, but after 10 years and some pretty unpleasant experiences, I decided to fold that one up and tuck it away, too. Having a creative outlet is almost as important to me as breathing, but I needed some security as well. I went back to school for Psychology, figuring that in addition to having a strong creative side, I also have one of those personalities that seems to make people feel compelled to open up and spill their secrets (although now that I'm writing this, I wonder if I shouldn't have used that power to pen hot and gossipy romance novels based entirely on the lives of the people I know. Hmmm).

With my Master's in hand, I joined the ranks of the "tired, [the] poor, [the] huddled masses yearning to breathe free," as a foster care social worker in Los Angeles County. I stuck with social work for a long time, too, but by the time my son was born, I just couldn't find the reserves to keep pouring everything I had into a hopelessly failed system. It was too much heartbreak, too much suffering, too much that I felt helpless to do.

So I returned to writing.

buzztone media marketing is one of the companies to which I owe my career. They believed in me from the beginning, and I have been doing freelance work for them since I made the transition back to a creative career.

Last week I worked with them on a couple of marketing pitches for an internationally known movie studio. It was my favorite kind of work: Sitting around a room with a bunch of ridiculously talented people, brainstorming and being creative, and then diving into a project, sculpting a path to create something new. I ideated, I wrote taglines and copy and I created tone and voice for certain pitched projects. I cannot share details now (due to an NDA), but hopefully I can post a link to our projects soon.

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