Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A New World From Words: TonicGeneration.com

In 2006 I was brought in to help buzztone and Pankaj Shah define the tone and character of the website/movement TonicGeneration.com. TonicGeneration is a brilliant idea designed to help people who want to see changes in the world, but feel powerless to do anything - often because they feel overwhelmed by the scope of the problem. The concept is that by participating in the online community (thereby alerting others to what's going on out there), purchasing eco-conscious products instead of more damaging ones, and having the proceeds go toward important causes, the smallest actions add up to a large impact. My tagline was: Change The World Without Changing Your Life.

This is where my heart is. My contribution on this project was my way of mixing, blending and stringing words together to form a type of transformative "Linguistic Alchemy". Words mean something; it's even better when words create meaning.

This onesheet was a mockup of the homepage, and you can see my work (headlines, taglines and content) here.

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